I’ve worked in fitness for a decade, specialising in assisting people with long-term medical issues achieve physical and mental wellbeing. It means I’ve got some impressive sounding qualifications, but ultimately, it’s all about getting people like you strong, fit, healthy and just generally a badass, no matter your current situation.


My main aim is finding out how you get all the great benefits of being fit and healthy and awesome with the minimum amount of effort. That’s not no effort, people, but seriously you don’t want to be spending hours in the gym and eating salad leaves all your days. You want to be out there having a good time and reaping the rewards of your gym time, but without spending too long in one!


online health wellbeing coaching


Ross is a co-founder of AEON Health & Fitness after previously running Mind2Muscle.

He has been working as a Personal Trainer around Newcastle since 2015. 

After always having a love for sport, he moved into Personal Training and Nutrition helping others achieve their fitness goals and to get into the best shape of their lives.

In 2019 he added an accredited Online Coaching certification to his list to ensure all AEON clients get the best results they can