lean lockdown

What is the Lean Lockdown?

Our exclusive 60 day at-home transformation programme designed specifically to help those who are struggling with lockdown motivation, and want to get leaner, fitter and healthier in a way that’s sustainable for the long term

In this 8 weeks we’re going to help you develop the healthy habits that will enable you to have the type of body you desire, leaving you full of confidence, energy and happiness within yourself.  

Upon joining The Lean Lockdown we promise you four things:

1.    You will come out of lockdown leaner, fitter and stronger than you went in

2.    You will get control of your fitness routine forever more – no more jumping between diets and routines

3.    You’ll get more fat-loss than your previous routine gave you

4.  You’ll feel the benefits mentally. More focus and clarity of mind, a more positive outlook on life and more energy for dealing with life

We guarantee you’ll succeed

The entire programme is designed around giving you all the support, motivation and tools you need to make a life-long transformation 

regular contact with your own personal coach

We’re on hand to help you because we care. You’ll have 24/7 access to our app and messenger service, plus regular phone/video calls are available too. Whenever you’ve got a query or something you’re struggling with, we’re on hand to assist and help you make the right choice!

friendly community of other people just like you

On our app you’ll find our private, clients only group chat. This is a genuine supportive community of other people just like you who are currently on their fitness journey with us. It’s light-hearted yet informative and motivating, and a great tool to help you stay motivated!

workouts delivered daily to your phone

No more messing about looking for Youtube videos or trying to remember what to do next.  All your workouts are delivered via our app, with video guide and instructions for all exercises. Plus, we tailor the programme to fit you – making sure we focus on the areas which are most important to you.  Just as importantly, we make sure you actually enjoy the workouts! We’re not here to torture you, so we’ll never ask you to do something you don’t like! 

your personalised nutrition strategy to get results

We aren’t interested in giving you a diet plan that you hate to try and lose as much weight as possible.  Instead, we work with you to understand what you’re currently eating, and help you make subtle changes to see extreme benefits without having to give up the foods you love.  We’ll never ban you from eating or drinking anything – we know this sort of restriction doesn’t work long term. You’ll still be able to enjoy delicious foods and drinks, while getting into the best shape of your life!

Gain confidence in your body like never before

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Incredible weight loss after just 4 weeks!